10 world class players Who rejected manchester united offer

“Probably the biggest club I have played for” Zlatan Ibrahimovic.As there are some of the 10 world class players Who rejected manchester united offer.

As ever since the joining of with the oldest club in England. The Ibrahimovic has always expressed his feeling toward the club by some quotes.

As beside scoring in the community shield match. The Zlatan Ibrahimovic has once again built Manchester united a brand in England. As after heading home against the community shield match against Leicester city the player has made a statement to the press after being asked that is he happy with the transfer to Manchester united?.

The Zlatan Ibrahimovic simply said “ How could someone say “no” to Manchester United transfer”. But there are many players in past who has rejected the offer of Manchester United. As here is the list of some of the player who hasn’t gone for Manchester United.

#1Paul Gascoigne

As once Spurs and Manchester United battled in the premier league. By seeing the performance in the match sir Alex Ferguson approached the player for a transfer contract offer.

As the Paul respected the proposal of Sir Alex Ferguson. But the player had a talk with Ferguson regarding the transfer. As he wanted to stay in spurs and want to be loyal to the club.

#2.Alan Shearer

Sir Alex Ferguson made a second attempt to sign Alan shearer. As England, striker left Southampton and then got departure to Blackburn.

And the second time the player got transfer offer from both Newcastle and Manchester United. And the player chooses its childhood dream playing for Newcastle United.


As in the summer of 2003 when Ronaldinho contract was on end with PSG. And the player has been on the list of a big club. At the same time, Manchester United denatured David Beckham in the team.

As Barcelona wasn’t able to sign the Manchester United forward. But they were able to sign Ronaldinho. As Ronaldinho choose Catalans over the English giants.Aaron Ramsey

#4.Aaron Ramsey

As for considering the career of the gunner at arsenal. It seems to be a little ironic for the welsh to choose gunner over the red devils due to Arsenal Wenger.

As once again the question has been raised for the player form in the arsenal. The player wasn’t been seen in action for a long time after the injury. As thus Ramsey was been in rumours news in Manchester United for a long time. But at last, the player chooses to stay at arsenal and rejected the offer of Manchester United.

#5.Sergio Ramos

One of the biggest transfer rumours of the summer is the linking of Sergio Ramos with Manchester united. But in the end, the Spanish defender signed the Spanish giant Real Madrid.

As the player has been approached by Louis van Gaal’s at Manchester United.  But Ramos decided to stay at Real Madrid.

#6.Steven Gerrard

Former and most successful manager of all time Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed in his autobiography that he has tried much time to sign Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

As Gerrard moved to Liverpool in 2005. And thus have always seen his career with Liverpool. As thus the player rejected the offer of Manchester United.

#7.Thomas Muller

As Manchester United has also tried to approach one of all time favourite and best player in Germany Thomas Muller.The player has rejected the offer of Manchester United.

The player has gone to become one of the highest club paid German player.

#8.Karim Benzema

According to the sources, the French have been approached every summer in 2009- 2011 by Manchester united for the signing.

But Manchester united always seems face difficulty in signing the forward.

#9.Gareth Bale

According to the report, the Manchester United has also bided the world recorded bid during the transfer of the player. As despite raising high bid for the player Manchester United wasn’t able to change the mind of the forward. Thus the forward was signed by Real Madrid.

#10.James Rodiguez

As in 2012, the Manchester united has bided 40 million for the player. Which was rejected by the player As later the player got signed by Spanish giants real Madrid.

As this time Manchester united could buy James Rodriguez but it doesn’t seem like the club is now interested in the young forward.

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