3 Premier League clubs that have a famous fan following in Hollywood

3 Premier League clubs that have a famous fan following in Hollywood

3 Premier League clubs that have a famous fan following in Hollywood

The premier league is one of the most sporting and famous league in the world. Thier are many Hollywood stars who has been a huge these football clubs and has also been obsessed with the game.

As the football and Hollywood are one of most watched ways of entertainment in this 21st century. Thus addict football brings you some of the big names of industry which follows football clubs.

  1. Arsenal

The gunners who have been famous because of his huge fan following and performance in the English premier league. As there are many top players like Alexis Sanchez and Ozil who has favorites of these celebrities in Hollywood.

Kevin Costner –  The actor/director has been spotted in 2014 at Arsenal. Where he has revealed his love toward being a gunner. As has been visiting the stadium time to time from his busy schedule to support his favorite football team.

Idris Elba –  The Englishman has proved his love toward the arsenal in several interviews. In an interview that what would his thinking if Chelsea gets a win over Spurs. As he responded that he won’t like the win of Chelsea over Spurs because that would effect arsenal standings.

Spike Lee- The American director is not a big name is the Hollywood but also a big football fan. Lee has posted a picture on social media where he has been wearing arsenal start Henry shirt.

  1. Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs around the world which is having a huge fan following base. Thus it is also natural that the clubs would be having a huge fan following in Hollywood. As there are many superstars which have been a fan of red devils. Some of the stars which follow Manchester United are

Jamie Dornan- The star shot to fame after the release of fifty shades of gray. Manchester United fans have seen the team play at Wembley in 1993/94. As his father is also a big fan of Manchester United and has been supporting Manchester United.

Justin Timberlake- The singer/actor become Manchester United fans after meeting ex-Manchester United player alan smith. The Hollywood player has fallen in love with the team.

Megan Fox-

The Transformers star is a huge fan of Javier Hernandez and was spotted celebrating a goal in the Manchester United jersey in 2011. Although, she has never formally accepted that United is her team, the jersey, and the celebration was a big giveaway.

  1. Liverpool

Liverpool may not be one of the biggest clubs of the 21st century but the club has been able to make a huge fan base in Hollywood. Thier are many celebrities which follow the club and also has been a die-hard fan for Liverpool.

Daniel Craig–  Agent 007 has been spotted several times at Anfield and is a huge fan of the Reds. Born and brought up in Liverpool, Craig is a lifelong fan of the club. He also suggested that Steven Gerrard could probably make a great 007 because of his leadership skills.

Samuel Jackson- On a radio show, Jackson revealed his love for Liverpool not only the football club but the city as well. The star also revealed how he fell in love with football when he first came to watch the game at Anfield and instantly became a fan. Jackson has also professed his love for the Liverpool anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

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