5 Amazing facts about wayne rooney You won’t know

5 Amazing facts about wayne rooney You won’t know

“Manchester united” the name is witnessing its glorious history. The old Trafford has produced many legendary and world class strikers like Beckham,Ronaldo and much more. These strikers have established a huge name in worldwide basis as the fans just love them.

One of these world class striker and living legend for Manchester united is Wayne Rooney. Rooney has been a top class player whether it is for manchester united or for the England football team. He has been impressive with both team and club. Here are some of the facts about Wayne Rooney you might won’t know.

  1. Memorable debut with Manchester united

The Wayne Rooney has made his debut with Manchester united in the champions league game against Fenerbahce on 28th September 2004 with a stunning hat trick and a crucial assist.

Rooney was just 18 years old when he scored his first champions league hat-trick which has made him the youngest player to do so in the champions league.

  1. his favorite month

The 28-year-old striker has scored more than 200 goals for Manchester united till now breaking many records of many iconic manchester united strikers. His best month for the club has been august where he has scored more than 28 goals for the club this month

  1. He is quite a foodie

Most of the footballer has focused in their diet resume. But this doesn’t seem to be the case with Wayne Rooney. As the English footballer love to eat food and that too with more calories.

In an interview with a famous English magazine, he has admitted that he used to enjoy salad, sausages, baked beans, eggs and chips and loves to guzzle a can of Diet Coke every once in a while.

  1. Eligible to play for Ireland

Wayne Rooney has a huge chance to be the part of the irish team. As the Irish team fans and coach has also tired him to convenience to have an international future with them but ultimately Rooney has chosen to play for England.

  1. Listen to rap and harry potter storys

Rooney loves to enjoy his free time by listening to 50 cents and Eminem. He also loves to read the famous comic book of harry potter.

The striker’s favorite movie is the iconic musical Grease starring John Travolta and he’s also a fan of the TV show Only Fools and Horses.


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