5 cool and interesting fact Gianluigi Buffon in real life

5 cool and interesting fact Gianluigi Buffon in real life

Whenever we talk about some of the most loyal and legendary goalkeepers in football we just can’t forget the name of the Juventus legendary goalkeeper Buffon. Being one of the most brilliant and most long-serving goalkeepers.

As there isn’t any doubt about the kind of talent the Gianluigi Buffon. As here is list of some of the interesting facts related Buffon in real life.

  1. He has been Italia starting goalie.

As there has been few world cup goalkeeper who has made to any of the world cups and has continuous appeared in many world cup. As he has been the part of the four world cup by starting in the 2002 world cup in south Korea, then in 2006 world cup in Germany,2010 world cup in South Africa and in Brazil 2014 world cup.

He could have also been the part of the world cup in 1998 but at the last time, he was made for replacement. He has been one of those players who has been part of 4-5 world cup games.

  1. Faced injury in the current time

The Gianluigi Buffon was unlucky that he has to face some of the harsh injuries in the world cup game. As he has faced many potential injuries in the game. They have also face injury in an important game against world cup. He has face an knee injury against England in the first game of the world cup. Then he has made a comeback in the game against Costa Rica.

  1. Being the captain of the international and club side.

As Gianluigi Buffon has been one of the longest and serving Italy caption for the national side. He has played for 4 world cup for the Italian side. As he has made a move to Juventus from Parma in 2001 for a contract offer for $73,000,000.

  1. Separating from his wife

He has been in the controversies for a long time to have a broken up with his wife. As the rumor has spread in 2013 end of the December. The couple has been reported to have problems in their marriage life.


In may 2014 the Gianluigi Buffon has announced his divorce with his wife after having 8 years of their marriage. As they are having two children one was born in 2007 and the other one was born in 2009. As his wife is also a crezh model and has been one of the most famous and top model before marriage. After having family responsibility she wasn’t able to carry one his career and some reports have made it sure that this has been one of the reasons for their breakup.


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