5 cool and interesting facts about Alexis Sanchez in real life

5 cool and interesting facts about Alexis Sanchez in real life

5 cool and interesting facts about Alexis Sanchez in real life

Chile has been the home of some of the finest striker in the world and one of the former Barcelona star player Alexis Sanchez. As the Alexis Sanchez has been one of the most underrated strikers in the world.

He has been the silent savior for the team and has got in the spotlight after getting the transfer from Barcelona to the Arsenal football club.

He has been one of the top scorer players in the English premier club. As here is the list of some of the facts about Alexis Sanchez in real life.

  1. Brought up in poverty

We have witnessed that there have been many footballers who have demand huge wages and has been paid million from a small age.  As there have also been many players who have made their name in football and has worked from the small age to fulfill their dream to become a star footballer one day.

The Alexis Sanchez has been an inspiring for many young footballers becoming a professional footballer from a mining town area in Chile called tocopilla. The town is just having a population of just 24,000. Coming from a small town and making a huge name in football can showcase his struggle in the football career.

  1. Youngest player to play for chile

As the Alexis Sanchez has made the international debut at the age of just 16 years. being the player for his local football club cobreleo in the age of just 16. As in the same year, he has got the chance to play for the national team.

While playing for the senior team he has also been part of the U-20 chile national team. As he has been playing 100 games for chile in the 37 goals in the appearances.

  1.  Better than Messi and Ronaldo

In the last season at Barcelona, the Alexis Sanchez has shown the club his worth and why they have signed him in the first place. The Chilean has scored 23 goals in 50 appearances for the club by providing 6  assists in total.  He has scored 19 goals in the league game in the whole total goals of 23. As he has equaled the rate of goal conversation in the per game of 31% which has been higher than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

  1. Loves to play piano

Being a competitor dribbler and a perfect winger he is also having a brilliant quality of playing the piano. As he has been the man with many talents and one of this talent is playing the piano. The chile star player has shown many times in Instagram that he loves to play the piano.

He has also played piano at the Christmas party in the arsenal party. As the video goes viral on the internet. As it’s like Alexis Sanchez singing his heart out in the song.

  1. He used to box for money

As we all know that he belongs to really poor family but most of you didn’t know this fact that he used to wash cars and in the part-time, he used to perform summersault in the street to collect some of the money for his family. As the Alexis Sanchez brother Humberto has reavled this shocking fact related to him in real life.

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