5 new things that you will notice in FIFA 18 this year

5 new things that you will notice in FIFA 18 this year

EA Sports has been one of the biggest gaming software in football. The EA sports has launched FIFA editions every year. The EA sports has always worked on making the gaming experience real for the gamers. Now FIFA has all set to launch FIFA 18 in the last time of the year. So here are some of the key features of FIFA 18.

  1. The journey will be back

The EA sports has already launched his “ The journey”. Now in this series, the FIFA has launched a new set of the game in which the players like Harry Kane and other premier league stars will also appear in the game.

However, the thing will end in the one season so this one of the disappointing points of the game.

  1. Ronaldo can be the start cover

This year the FIFA player of the year winner Cristiano Ronaldo can be on the cover of FIFA.

Borussia Dortmund star rues have featured on the cover of FIFA 17. As of now, reports have been believed that FIFA has been all set to make Cristiano on the cover of the FIFA. According to the sources the voting of Cristiano Ronaldo is ahead of the Argentine star Lionel Messi. As Messi right has been owned by Konami who has been the rivals of FIFA, so there is a huge chance of Cristiano Ronaldo to be on the cover of FIFA 18.

  1. Indian super league can be included

As of the reports, this time in FIFA 18 there are about 29 countries and 115 leagues will be included in the game. This time in FIFA 18, there are many different division leagues and teams have been included.

As there is German 3rd division team that has been included in the league. Still, there is no confirmation that the Indian super league or the I – leagues team will be included in the game.

  1. Chinese super to feature in the game

Jiangsu Suning Brazilian forward Alex Teixeira might just reveal that the Chinese super league can be included in FIFA 18.  With the recent huge amount of fluctuations of cash in the Chinese league has made attention in the FIFA league.

This FIFA league team has a huge amount of possibilities to feature on the game. The post has also indicated a sign that the game can  feature the Chinese teams or leagues

  1. Introduction to VR

Several reports have already suggested that FIFA  is all set to release a VR gaming experience in the next season of the game. Now don’t think that you will be running or kicking the ball.

As this time FIFA has made a VR experience of a device which acts as a micro-cinema screen on your face, it is high time FIFA made the most if it. Additionally, maybe getting the view from the galleries might just be the idea FIFA could be working on.


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