5 records Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can break before they retire

5 records Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can break before they retire

5 records Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can break before they retire

“Football is a gift”. This line seems like a truth when you see players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. We all admit that both of these players are the hell out the world.

The Barcelona and Real Madrid striker have made footballers look like a joke in comparison. They had done many amazing things with the ball which some else could just dream of doing and that a direct quote from FIFA series of computer games. Which in reality is the best way to describe their talent.

They have both achieved trophies in national and international level. But there are still many trophies which are yet to achieved by both of them. Here is the list of 5 records which they can break realistically before they retire.

#5 Most Goals in a single La Liga game – 8 goals

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi has broken many multiple goalscoring records in both La Liga and UEFA champions league but there is still one record that is yet to broke by both of them.

Having witnessed that Cristiano Ronaldo has destroyed Rayo Vallecano 10-2 last season and Cristiano Ronaldo of having scored five goals on separate two occasions, it’s still shocking that how it’s yet to break the record of a number of goals in a single La Liga match.

Athletic Bilbao’s Agustin Santo scored seven goals in one game back in 1931 – a feat that was then repeated in 1952 by Barcelona’s Laszlo Kubala. Ronaldo has come closest to this record by 5 goals followed by lionel Messi who has scored 4 goals in a single game.


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#4 Most goals in a single European season – 18 goals

Radamel Falcao has pretty much proved his services for the team when he has set the record of eighteen goals in single European season in 2011/12. Still being the striker of FC Porto. He was able to set the record of the highest goal scorer in the European season.

That still a European record by here is also a fact that will make Madrid fans smile: The Cristiano Ronaldo has the record of most number of goals in UEFA champions league by having 17 goals in a single season.

As the Argentine striker Lionel Messi has only managed to score fourteen goals in a single European season.

#3 Most Pichichi trophies – 6 times

Both Real Madrid and Barcelona striker has framed the pichichi award for almost three times each but yet they need to break the record of Telmo Zara – the former La Liga scoring record-holder – who’s won it six times in total.

The Argentine is leading the race in the current campaign – as of late February 2017 – with 19 goals in the La Liga. Cristiano Ronaldo, meanwhile, has 15 in the league. Unless Luis Suarez, who’s on 18, spoils the party, one of these two strikers are likely to win the Pichichi trophy once again meaning they’ll get closer to that six-time record.

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#2 Consecutive four-goal scoring games in La Liga – Luis Suarez

It’s incredible to think one of these is yet to break the record of scoring consecutive 4 goals in two games. As the Luis Suarez has achieved the magical statistics against Sporting Gijon and Deportivo La Coruna in the 2015/16 season.

The Portuguese striker was able to come close to this record by scoring 4 goals in one game and 3 goals in the second one. The Lionel Messi is also yet to beat the record as he didn’t have this kind of goal scoring combination.

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#1 Oldest goalscorers in the UEFA Champions League group stage and finals – two different records – 38 years 59 days and 36 years 333 days, respectively

AC Milan’s Paolo Maldini is the oldest player to score in the finals of a UEFA Champions League – aged 36 years 333 days – when he famously scored past Liverpool in the 2005 finals. Meanwhile, another Italian, Francesco Totti is the oldest goalscorer in the group stages having done so aged 38 years 59 days.

For Cristiano Ronaldo to break the record of being the oldest one in the final, he’s only going to get the chance in the 2021/22 final, should his then-club qualify. Messi will have the chance only in the 2023/24 final and that, too, only if it’s before 23rd May. If its post the date, he’ll have to wait another year.




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