6 cool and interesting facts about Douglas costa in real life

6 cool and interesting facts about Douglas costa in real life

6 cool and interesting facts about Douglas costa in real life

We all know that the German giants FC Bayern Munich. The Douglas Costa has been one of the young and emerging talent for Bayern Munich. He has been a top midfielder for Bayern Munich and has been the top scorer for Brazil national team.  Here  is the list some facts about Douglas costa in real life

  1. Former Hamburg player

Douglas Costa de sueza was born on 14 September 1990 at sampucia do sul. In the just over 11 years he has joined the youth squad of EC Novo Hamberg, which has been later translated as “EC new Hamberg”. He has made his Bundesliga debut against Hamburger SV on the matchday of the 2015/16.

  1. Doesn’t Take time to play for professional team

It just took years of time for a player like Douglas Costa to catch up in the eye of professional Brazilian side. As at the age of 12 years he has joined the top tier side of the football Porto allergens.

The side has produced players like Marcelino, Ze Roberto, and grafite. In 2008 he has made his step in the first team squad

  1. Inspiring young talent in an early age

During his six years of game in the youth rank at Gremio. Douglas Costa has shown his game at the punto cup. He has been a prominent player for South America youth tournament.

He has won the player of the tournament award as well as top goalscoring honors. Douglas Costa has also won the golden boot at teca Belo Horizonte de juniors. Which is the competition of under 20 sides in Brazil.

  1. Role model

Almost every footballer has someone as a role model as in the case of Douglas Costa. His football hero has always been the greatest player of all time in the world football history.

It’s the product of Gremio youth academy Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. Which is better known as Ronaldinho.  The Ronaldinho has been inspirational footballers for many world-class players like Lionel Messi and Douglas costa.

  1. Big club interest

After turning to a professional player in 2008 the Douglas Costa has received an offer from many world class clubs like FC Barcelona real Madrid Manchester United and Chelsea. As it is believed that these all clubs have interest in the 18 years old.  As this shows the kind of talent Douglas costa has at such a young age.

  1. International career

Douglas Costa has already won nine cups for Brazilian national team and has made his international debut under the current head coach Dunga at the end of last year in a 4-0  win over turkey. His debut goal for Brazil came in 2015 Copa America.

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