6 famous cool and interesting things about footballer Alba

6 famous cool and interesting things about footballer Alba

6 famous cool and interesting things about footballer Alba

There are many young and aspiring defenders in the American national team and Bayern Munich in Germany. His popularity has increased when he has become first American player to apper in the champions league final. He has played a huge a role in beating Borussia Dortmund with Bayern Munich in 2013.

  1. His roots

Alba was born in Vienna on 24 June 1992.  Until the age of ten SV aspern in donaustradt, the city of American capital which has grown.  His father has recognized his talent quickly. He has joined the academy when he was in 2002.

  1. His early career

He has played a handful or little part of the game for the vengeance side reserve team. As the Bayern Munich was able to spot Alaba potential and signed up. When he was just 16 years in the summer of 2008.

In 2009-2010 he was awarded as the best player in the debut in the DFB Cup in February. Coach Luis van gal declined to make him play in the midfield when the young Alaba preferred saying “ He is the left back, even he doesn’t know it himself yet”

  1. His maturity

He has been more keen to expose him for more in the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich has Alaba get on the loan in the 2010/11 season and he has duly joined with 1899 Hoffenheim.

He has been an instant outfit sinshelen scoring twice for 19 games. He would have played more for but he has suffered an ankle injury.

  1. His breakthrough

He returned Bayern with being older wiser and more experienced in the game. He has been claiming the left back position as his own in the 2011/12 season. The season was a little outing as the Bayern Munich has missed out three trophies and has also missed the champions league final on the home soil through suspension.

But later in the season, he has come like a savior for the Bayern Munich. They have won’t the treble in the next season.

  1. International career

Since early the Alaba has been one of the most aspiring talents in the Australian national team.  He has 25 appearances for the team and four goals in which one of them came in the world cup qualifiers. Which help them in getting the win over the Sweden.  He has also made his debut in the international career. The youngest player ever in a friendly match against the France in October 2009.

  1. His personal life

The Alaba father was a Nigerian and his mother was a Filipina.  His father was quite famous in the music industry as a rapper and a dj his he is remembered best as part of the duo.

The Alaba has also been dating the gorgeous Katja butylina, who is a professional handball player for the Austrian national team for a year.

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