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Starting off the journey on the website

Hey, my name is Anshul Sharma. The co-owner and founder of it has been a  quite long journey working on the website. Being a football fan and also playing the game from last few  year’s never even made me thought of developing a website. I can say that “The best things in life are usually unexpected”. For me, football is a medicine cure all the stress and  be fit and happy.

I have been with the sport from past few years but never looked it on a professional basis. Until one of my friends encouraged me changed my passion in a profession and that was the day I thought of building a football website and that’s how that was founded. I have purchased  my Domain from CIPL and get all the basic training regarding the working on the website. It took me almost a year to make a website and understanding the software.

After one year of smart work, my website was able to establish a huge platform and the workload also increased on the website. It seems a little difficult to run the website and was searching for support on the website.



Best website awarded

“Hard work always pays off”On 24th July 2016 received the best website award from my institute and this thing motivated me to kept going on the website. Thus this is how my life changed from a normal college going student to a self-established sports entrepreneur


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