Distance covered by a professional footballer in a match

Distance covered by a professional footballer in a match

Distance covered by a professional footballer in a match

We all are aware of the fact that in football is a kind of sports in the world which demands a great endurance power for the players. But the matter of fact is that do we really know that who much distance a footballer cover in a match ??

There have always been myths in our mind that footballer used to run hundreds of km during a single match. So today in this article we see that in a different kind of format of games. How much distance does an average footballer need to cover. Here are Distance covered by footballers according to the different format of games

  1. 5aside

5aside or futsal games. Has been known as one of the most active formats of games in football. The footballer during the game needed to be active for all whole time. There are quickness and activeness during these small court games.

In this format, there is 5 player each side in a small court.  Where the goalkeeper doesn’t need to run that much but other 4 players of both the team need to get proper up down during the whole match. The duration of the match isn’t that much longer. Usually a half of this kind of matches in 15minutes. But these game require a great amount of stamina. Thus on an average, a player needs to run about 2-3 miles per game.

  1. 7aside

The 7aside is the bigger format kind of game as compared to 5aside. The rules and other things are almost same in both of the game but the size of the football court is a little bigger than another format like 5aside. Thus the player required to cover more distance.

The 7aside game has been used in some of the international formats where freestyle players used to play in the court games. Thus on an average, a player needed to cover 3-4 miles of distance in a proper 30 minutes game which involves 15 – 15 minutes half.

  1. 90 minutes match

Now the official matches of the premier league and international games. In which the professional footballer like Messi and Ronaldo play. Require huge amount of stamina and fitness as compared to any other format of the game in the world. There is 100m of pitch in the game. Thus the footballer requires a huge amount of endurance to cover the distance with a ball on feet.

Most of us don’t really know that how much distance does a footballer cover. Somehow it depends on what position he is playing during the game.

Like in football the midfielder cover more distance than any other player during the match. The least distance is covered by the defender. As there are of position is fixed during the game. So if we talk about an average distance covered by a player during a full match then it would be around 7-8 miles per game.

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