How to sign up at amazon to become a sports trader

How to sign up at amazon to become a sports trader

How to sign up at amazon to become a sports trader

There are many football traders online who has been working with an e-commerce website and love to sell their products online. As these big companies have made their business have a huge growth in the market.

As we all know that most of the football or sports traders in India really didn’t know how to sell their products online. Or how to sign up at these big e-commerce websites. There are many e-commerce websites who has been working for the promotion of the product or has been giving the seller a huge platform to sell their product online.

In most of the big e-commerce website, there is a huge market and if you want to sell your product in local and international basis. Then one of the best websites for this kind of trade is Amazon. So now let us know that process of sign up at Amazon.

  1. Create a seller account

The first step to becoming a seller at Amazon is to make a seller panel as it means that. You have a login to the seller account and choose your seller account.

  1. Options

As you click on that account. You will receive a small window with two options “ As a professional “ or “ As an individual”. As these are an option which usually makes a seller confused that which one should be best for him to choose.

As a professional –  If you have a large amount of stock or want to have a trade in more than one categories. Then selling as a professional is the best choice. As there are a huge amount of profit by selling the product as a professional. Like if you are selling the product as a professional then you can be listed at the top of the list of the sellers. This also helps in showcasing your product in the top and trending items at Amazon.

As an individual – If you are having a small football business and doesn’t have any idea of online selling. Then become as an individual is the best option for selling the product online. As this help us in getting an idea about the working with Amazon and you can also activate the professional option after working with Amazon.

  1. Information

The last thing in Amazon after selecting one of the options is to tell the relevant information about your company. Like you have to choose the kind of trade you prefer and have to address your company name on that column.

After completing this process just to verify the person. The Amazon make a amounted call to the seller to confirm his identity. As you can also receive a message. Then you have to enter the code given in the message and if the code is correct then the last step is to click on complete registration process of Amazon.

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