Tips for meeting Cristiano Ronaldo During the tour to Real Madrid

Tips for meeting Cristiano Ronaldo During the tour to Real Madrid

Tips for meeting Cristiano Ronaldo During the tour to Real Madrid

If you are a true football fan. Then you only know the kind of feeling it is to even your favorite footballer. We all know that football players like Ronaldo and Messi are having the huge and world-class fan following. There are many inspiring fans. Who just wanted to meet Ronaldo for once in their lifestyle. Being best with good looks is a kind of thing which Ronaldo get an edge over most of the footballers. Thus here are some of the ways by which you can easily meet Ronaldo in Real Madrid.

Meet during practice

There is a chance of meeting Ronaldo in Madrid without spending a huge amount on the stay of VIP. In the practice round their isn’t that much audience as compared to the real match. Does approaching Ronaldo during Ronaldo make work for you.

There have been many times when fans just meet their start by just standing on the roadside. The possibility increases if you are sitting in the front row area of the stadium. We all have seen many times that there has been incidence when the practice audience has chanted the name of the player and he has signed their jersey with having a selfie with the fan.

Book VIP Seats

There is also away which is expensive as compared to the normal matches. You can have the VIP seat which helps in making these players came into the call. Thus if you want to meet Ronaldo in Madrid. Then book a VIP ticket for the passes. Which involves a great view of the ground during the match. It’s like sitting with some of the big stars and wealthiest people in the town.

There is a huge chance for the guest in the box to get meet up with Ronaldo and another player. There have been other personal things like you can buy signed a jersey and other stuff of Ronaldo.

  1. During the departure or entry time

This may sound funny for most of us. But this also works in some of the cases in football. We have seen many player meeting fans outside the box at the time of departure or going to the bus. So if you are lucky enough to grab the attention of Ronaldo which departure.Then you just might not know that you may get a chance to meet Ronaldo in real.

  1. Ballon d’Or Cermony

One of the biggest changes which I think can really make you meet Ronaldo in real. Is to visit the venue of the ballon’dor ceremony. We all know that the ceremony has been attended by almost all the world-class players worldwide. Which somehow makes a huge chance for the fans to interact with their favorite player on the red carpet.

So if you are lucky then you may get to see Ronaldo closely and also have a some second of interaction with him. It just depends on the situation but doesn’t do anything silly which can end up you getting in risk for meeting Ronaldo.

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