Top 10 Interesting shocking facts about Ronaldo life

Top 10 Interesting shocking facts about Ronaldo life.Today in football if we talk about great and best players then always there would be one name on the list of every football fan. As its the name of one of the best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo.
The player has one of the biggest football fans following in the world. As thus this time for Ronaldo fans. Here are Top 10 shocking facts about Ronaldo

10. Never wanted the number 7 jersey

As after joining manchester united in 2002-03. The Ronaldo was offered number 7 jersey but he was worried as he knew the prestige of the jersey. As the jersey was worn by great legendary players like Steve Coppell,Bryan Robson, and David Beckham etc.
As when Ronaldo was asked for the jersey number he said “ I want 28 number” but the Ferguson say “No” and gave him the 7 number jersey.

9. Ronaldo the bad boy

As the real Madrid superstar was once spelled from the school for throwing a chair at the teacher who disrespected him. It turned out to be better for him.
As Ronaldo mother noticed that he was not better in studies and then she motivated him playing football.

8. Career almost ended

Most of the real Madrid fans won’t knew the fact that Ronaldo career has almost ended.
As he was diagnosed with racing heart diseases when he was 15. As this could had let down the golden boot winner but he has gone through the surgery and was marked fit for playing football.

7. Almost joined Liverpool

As the things would have been different in Ronaldo life. As once in u-21 tournament former Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier approached Ronaldo to join Liverpool.
But due to lack of funds, they cannot afford the waged demanded by Ronaldo.

6. Ronaldo was dazzling

As Ronaldo as first noticed in a friendly match at Manchester united. As they we facing the sporting Lisbon.
The game of Ronaldo was so impressive that after the match all united player forced the coach To sign the player. As thus the Sir Alex Furguson signed Ronaldo and the rest is history.

5. Jump higher than most NBA player

As we all know that Ronaldo is also famous for his higher jumps. As its a fact that he generates 5G of force on take off. This could be five times power off cheetah. As he jumps more than 44m while standing.

4. Donate blood


As the Ronaldo has been one of the non-smokers and has zero tattoos unlike most of the footballers.
Ronaldo don’t have these things because he used to donate the blood regularly in the blood donation camp. As he knew that they won’t accept smokers and person with the tattoo on the body.

3. Doesn’t drink alcohol

As Ronaldo has been an inspirational player. As Ronaldo hasn’t drunk alcohol in his life. He has lost his father in his 50s due to being a drug and alcohol addict. So that’s the reason why Ronaldo hates alcohol.

2. Charity

Ronaldo has been one of the players who has always been up for the charity. As the player has always shown a huge interest in the promotion of the charity based events.

He also runs his own NGO. As recently he has donated his champions league bonus of £600000 to charity.

1.Museu CR7

As Ronaldo has built his own personal museum for keeping the trophies and the medals.
As the museu consists of all the memories and the awards won by the player in his lifetime.

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