Top 10 most interesting facts about champions league

Top 10 most interesting facts about champions league

The UEFA champions league has always been one of the biggest football league of all time. As the champions is one of most watched leagues in the world.
There are many top team participants from different countries as these are some of the fact that every football fan knows but there are some of the facts about champions league which haven’t revealed and some of them are not known by fans. As the top 10 facts about champions league are –

10. Most successful country- Spain

The world cup 2010 country is one of the most successful countries in winning the champions league
As the Spain has won the champions league title 15 times. As following Spain at the second position we have Italy with 12 times then England has won the title 12 times and Germany 7 times. Thus Spain’s most successful because of the few giant clubs like Madrid and Barcelona

real madrid and barcelona
real Madrid and Barcelona

9. Most watched – 178 million

The UEFA champions league final is one of the most watched game in the world.
As the champions league has defeated the super bowl as the league final is having more than 178 million views recorded every year.

champions league most watched sporting event
champions league most watched sporting event

8. Most consecutive wins – real Madrid

Real Madrid has been one of the most successful clubs of the Spanish history. As they have won the trophy more than any European club.
As the real Madrid has won the league title more than 10 times in which they have won the title continuously five times from 1956.

real madrid most consecutive wins
real madrid most consecutive wins

7. Most unfortunate team – Juventus

The Juventus has been the most unfortunate team in the tournament
As the club has been runner-up for most of the times in the league. The team has came second in the competition in 1972-73,1982-83,1996-97,1997 – 98,2002-03 and in 2014-2015. As the luck wasn’t there with the club in winning the champions league title.

juventus champions league
juventus champions league

6. Most participation – real Madrid

There are many clubs who has qualified for the champions league every year.
But the club with most participation in the champions league is the real Madrid. As they have appeared in the champions league for more than 20 times. This makes real Madrid having another recorded.

 Most participation – real Madrid
Most participation – real Madrid

5. Most consecutive semis – Barcelona

The men’s from camp nou has won the champions league 5 times. But do you know that Barca has played most consecutive semis.
As the Barcelona has been at the semi-final stage for more than 6 consecutive times. As they have been in the final in 2007-08 to 2012-2013

 Most consecutive semis - Barcelona
Most consecutive semis – Barcelona

4. Referee selection

The champion league is one of the biggest football league on the planet. As there is a qualification followed by the referee to participate in the champions league.
The referees has been appointed on their previous performance as well as their fitness level. As no referee would be appointed to a match in which feature a team from the referee home nationality nor they can be over 45 years.

Referee selection
Referee selection

3. Winning money – £10.5 million

As the champions league is one of the biggest football league on the planet. There is a huge price money given to the teams.
As if you win the tournament the award is of £10.5 million and runner up get £6.5 million and the quarter final and semi final teams get £3.9 million and £4.9 million respectively.

Winning money - £10.5 million
Winning money – £10.5 million

2. Biggest win – 12-2

In champions league, there are many teams which have won with a major margin from other clubs.
But one of the best clubs which has registered. The biggest win in Feyenoord defeated KR Reykjavik 12-2.Hence,In the round of 1969/70 champions league. As the record haven’t been broken yet.

Feyenoord vs KR Reykjavik
Feyenoord vs KR Reykjavik

1.Youngest appeared talent

In the champions league, the youngest talent appeared is the Peter oforiouai of Olympiacos.
As the player is just 17 years and 194 days and has recorded against Rosenborg in 1997.

Youngest appeared talent
Youngest appeared talent

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