Top 7 celebrities who are a team owner in Indian super league

Top 7 celebrities who are a team owner in Indian super league

The Indian super league is one of the biggest league in India. And one of the main reason for the success of the league apart from player is the celebrity who has contributed in the league to make it successful. The league has initially improved and become more popular after the contribution of big celebrities. After the interest of football has developed in India there is a huge fan following of the league. Thus here is the list of Top 7 celebrities who are a team owner in Indian super league.

#1 Sachin Tendulkar

One of the biggest and legendary players of football Sachin Tendulkar has been one of the most iconic celebrities in the league. As the cricketing god has shown interest in football by purchasing the team Kerala blaster.

It has been in knowledge that he is a huge football fan and also loves to watch the game of some of the biggest team in English premier league. Sachin has also visited some of the biggest stadiums in football like old Trafford of Manchester united.

#2 Ranbir Kapoor

The Ranbir Kapoor is one of the youngest and inspiring future in the industry. Almost everyone is aware of the craze of Ranbir in football. As the actor is a huge mess fan has visited some of the biggest stadiums like camp nou Barcelona to meet his football idol.

The actor has also received a signed official “Ranbir” name jersey and has been representative of Barcelona in Indian platforms.  The actor was also the first person to take an initiative and purchase Mumbai FC team in the league.

#3 John Abraham

John Abraham is one of the fittest Bollywood stars in terms of physic and one the main reason apart for the gym in his fitness is the passion toward football.

Being a state player in football in college time and also being top class forward in the interstate tournament. Made the player get the casting offer of films on football like Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal in which he has played a role of a professional footballer.

Thus it was almost clear that the actor is interested to buy a team in Indian super league as he is also passionate in promoting the game in the whole countryside. Thus this made him purchase north east united like team in Indian super league.

#4 Abhishek Bachchan

Being one of the enthusiastic promoter of football in India. Abhishek has also been one of the craziest football freaks like Ranbir Kapoor. Being a huge Chelsea fan make him watch almost all the important English Premier league matches.

Thus being the owner of a kabaddi team. The love towards the game forced him to buy a chennaiyin FC team in Indian super league.

#5 Sourav Ganguly

Now in the list, we have one of the most iconic captain Sourav Ganguly. Having a born of Kolkata he has always shown interest in cricket and has represented the country in a small age.

But that doesn’t mean that the craze of football has been over for him. As he is  huge football fans and was the first team owner in Indian super league to have a tie up with a Spanish club in the league.

#6 Virat Kohli

Now here comes the current Indian team captain Virat Kohli. Being a heart rock of youth star players  and fans in cricket. He has also been a huge football fan.

As Virat is a huge real Madrid fan and especially a Ronaldo fan. As the player has reacted and posted many times about the success of Ronaldo and real Madrid in social media. Thus the player chooses to invest in football like an owner and brought Goa Fc team in the league.

#7 Hrithik Roshan

Last but not the least in the list we have another real Madrid fan Hrithik Roshan. As most of the people rarely know that Hrithik Roshan is also passionate about football. He has been known for his dancing style and one of the sexiest body in Bollywood.

As Hrithik Roshan is the owner of Pune Fc team in the league. And has also played a huge part in promoting other footballing programs like grassroots.

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